vision 2014

The Lord's House[rez mission, vision, values & faith]

our mission (since 1981): To Know Christ & to Make Him Known.  God has preserved us so that, gathering in worship, we may proclaim good news to our neighbours.(since 2000).

our vision (since 2005) Excelling In Hospitality and Making Followers of Jesus Today

our core values: (since 2012) pursuing Spirituality. Community, Justice, Beauty as we Serve, Connect, Grow, and Share


our statement of faith (since 2000)

Who do we trust? As members of the Anglican Church of Canada along with the one, holy, catholic & apostolic church, we affirm the faith that is uniquely revealed in the Bible, set out in the universal creeds & witnessed to in historic Anglicanism. We place special emphasis on the grace of God. Grace is a gift: the gift of God’s unearned favour & mercy.

G od’s

R iches

A t

C hrist’s

E xpense

1. God as the source of grace. We worship one God of Grace, Father, Son & Holy Spirit who created all things, including men & women in God’s image to receive & return his love. All life, truth, holiness & beauty come from him who sent Jesus, fully God & human who shows what grace is.

 2. The Bible as the revelation of grace. The Bible is the reliable word of God’s grace, given by the Spirit as the word of God written. It leads us to salvation, is the ultimate rule for faith & conduct & is the supreme authority by which we reform ourselves & our traditions. The Spirit, who inspired it, illuminates us.

3. The atonement as the work of grace. We believe that Jesus Christ came to save people who have lost their way. Though sinless, He bore our sins on the cross, accepting God’s judgment on them, thus winning our salvation. By raising Christ bodily from the dead, God vindicated Him as Lord & Saviour & proclaimed his victory. Salvation is in Christ alone.

 4. the church as the community of grace. The Church is God’ people of promise drawn from every nation made right with God by grace through trust. We are heirs to promises made to Abraham & fulfilled in Christ, a fellowship of the Spirit, showing spiritual fruit, using spiritual gifts. We are called to worship God, grow in grace & speak openly of God & His kingdom. We seek to discover the unity in truth & love that is ours in Christ by confessing the apostles’ faith & keeping the sacraments.

5. sacraments as signs & seals of grace. We join in the Sacraments of Baptism & Holy Communion. They proclaim the good news as effective & visible signs that God has made us right with himself through our repentance & trust in Jesus, as if we had never sinned or wandered.

Baptism is the sign of forgiveness of sin & the gift of the Spirit, a new birth to being right with God in union with Christ, & entry into the fellowship of the people of God. Holy Communion is the sign of the living, nourishing presence of Christ through his Spirit to his people; the memorial of His one, perfect, complete & all-sufficient sacrifice for sin, from which all may benefit but in the offering of which none may share; an occasion to offer through Jesus our sacrifices of thanksgiving & praise.

 6. ministry as the stewardship of grace. The People of God share in a royal priest-hood in the community of the Suffering Servant, Jesus. We tell the good news, as well as care for the needy, challenge evil & promote justice & a responsible use of the world’s resources. Bishops, priests, deacons and lay leaders are to build up the body of Christ in truth & love, as pastors, teachers & servants of all the servants of God, equipping them for their ministry.

 7. Jesus’ return as the triumph of grace. We look forward expectantly to the final showing of Christ’s grace & glory when he comes again to raise the dead, judge the world, vindicate his chosen, & bring his kingdom to its eternal fulfillment in the new heaven & the new earth.

 from “Barnabas Anglican Ministries”