Communion is a re-living of the meal that Jesus offered his followers the night before he died. He said that his followers throughout time could eat this meal and remember that he gave his life for us. Communion is also called the Holy Eucharist (“eucharist” is a Greek word meaning “thanksgiving”).

At the Rez, communion begins with prayers and statements throughout the service, which prepare us to remember.

At the communion rail, we kneel with hands cupped (if we are receiving communion), or with arms folded over (like an X) if we would simply like a blessing.

If you have been baptized, and take communion at your home church, you are welcome to take communion here. Children may receive communion when their parents feel they are old enough to understand its significance and have prepared them to come to the table. Anyone is free to come up to receive a blessing, including children and people who haven’t been to church before.