sunday mornings

Everyone is always welcome to gather with us.

8:30 AM — This quiet, contemplative, eucharistic (communion) service is short and peaceful. Together we sing one traditional hymn and follow the rhythms of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. There is no kids’ ministry during this service.

10:30 AM — Our largest gathering and celebration, this service has full kids’ ministry available for kids 0-grade 8 as well as Junior and Senior Youth Group for Grades 6 through 12. Occasionally we have intentional intergenerational gatherings throughout the year; for example, near Christmas, on Easter, the closing of regular Sunday School in June and the opening event in September for the Sunday School. BTW, Cool School is the name of our alternative Sunday School for children – so there is something for all all year round.

For more information and a complete calendar, visit Rez Kids. Most of our service follows an Anglican liturgy, and we believe that the content of our worship is what is pleasing to God. The form of our music, and the band that leads it, varies from week-to-week (or song-to-song) but our primary concern is in supporting our communal life with a worshipful experience that engages our cultural expression of love for God.