what we do

We believe in gathering together, corporately, to worship God. The life of the Rez pivots around our local gatherings — in homes, parks, coffee shope — of community. And our aim, when we come together, is to celebrate God and worship Him. Join us at any of our services to experience the broader life of community we share at the Rez. We aim to be a diverse, intergenerational worshipping people.

Each serves in the area of her or his passion. This approach limits burn-out so that imaginative and fun ministry may long endure.
If serving interests you fill out this: volunteering v4

and hand it in to one of the clergy or put it in the offering as part of your gift to God.

TWO BUILDINGS – We also now have two buildings to use.

The RESURRECTION at 1100 Woodbine Avenue – where most of our events happen

ST COLUMBA’s at 2723 St Clair East new to us as of October 1.
|We are listening to our neighbours  there and getting to know some really nice people in our new “hood”. More to come